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Keeps your metabolism in balance!


Valmarin is a citrate solution that restores your body's acid-alkaline balance and activates bodily functions:


  • puts an instant stop to heartburn

  • aids slimming

  • speeds up bowel function

  • alleviates stress symptoms

  • helps recovery after heavy physical exercise.

Valmarin rids the body of metabolic slag and fat more effectively and helps recover after exercise.

To your health! 2–4 times a day.

Mix 1 tbsp (15 ml/½ oz) in either water or juice. Valmarin is lactose-free and can be used as much and often as wanted. There is no danger of over-dose. Valmarin does not contain sugar or sweeteners. Valmarin is a natural and safe product.

Alleviates heartburn and activates the bowel

Valmarin puts an instant stop to heartburn. It also activates the bowel and alleviates stress related stomach problems. Free from sugar and lactose, and unsweetened, Valmarin is ideally suited for people with special dietary requirements.

Valmarin is safe

Valmarin suits people of all ages and circumstances, and has no record of side-effects. Valmarin can also be used during pregnancy. According to current knowledge, Valmarin does not reduce the effect of medicines, but it is recommended to wait 2 hours after taking any medication before using Valmarin.

Valmarin keeps well

Valmarin contains minerals that remain unchanged.

The Valmarin citrate solution is a valuable everyday nutritional supplement and balancing agent.

Your current food intake, even if generally regarded healthy, tends to raise your body's acidity - as do physical strain, diets and fasting, stress, alcohol and smoking.


The body's acidity is removed naturally through tissue breathing, which is only possible if tissue liquids are mildly alkaline. In today's hectic society the body struggles to produce enough alkaline to balance its acid load.

Valmarin improves the body's balance easily and safely. Valmarin also promotes the absorption of calcium.


Excessive acidity in tissues slows down the bodily functions, leading to premature aging, disturbed bowels, weakened bones and tissues, and many other problems.

For working out and sports

Valmarin helps recovery after physical exercise and rids the body of acid slag more effectively. Valmarin allows people active in sports to stock up on carbohydrate-rich food, promoting good digestion and bowel functions.

For weight-watching

Valmarin keeps the metabolism going also when dieting; when it slows down to conserve energy. Valmarin is useful in helping the body get rid of slag and fat. Valmarin alleviates the initial symptoms of dieting by reducing the feeling of hunger and controlling the urge for sweets. Feeling good and being happy also promote slimming.

What changes the body's acidity?

Our daily food intake should contain seven times more alkaline than acidic ingredients.


Acidity is reduced by quickly burning foods, such as: vegetables (including root vegetables), fruits, and berries. Acidity is increased by all slowly burning foods containing animal and plant proteins, and cereals.


A single dose of Valmarin (1 tbsp) produces 31 times more alkaline than acids when burning, equivalent of 2 pounds of strawberries.

Acid and alkaline values of typical foods (per 100 g/3 ½ oz.)

The table indicates the amount of alkaline or acid produced when digesting the foods mentioned below per 100g/3 ½ oz., compared to a neutral situation.




  • Valmarin (1 tbsp) + 31

  • orange + 10

  • carrot + 8

  • banana + 6

  • blueberry + 4

  • cabbage + 4

  • potato + 4

  • swede + 3

  • strawberry + 3

  • milk + 3

  • predominantly acid

  • oatmeal - 15

  • Swiss cheese - 17

  • eggs - 20

  • mutton - 20

  • beef - 24

  • wheat flour - 30.

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Constituents of Valmarin:


  • water 72.707 %

  • sodium citrate 20.33 %

  • citric acid 5.57 %

  • ethanol 1.00 %

  • kalium chloride 0.28 %

  • calcium chloride 0.05 %

  • magnesium chloride 0.05 %

  • ferrogluconate 0.014 %

  • manganese 0.009 %.